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Screen Printing Puff

Posted by Leszek 17/03/2015 0 Commebts

Create an Amazing 3D Effect on Your T-shirt!


Puff printing is an amazing and impressive effect used for t-shirts or sweatshirts. Paint during
curing (drying), expands, which makes the print have a three-dimensional shape.
The edges of the print are rounded. Can be used instead of embroidery.
Because of your character, avoid very small characters and fonts in the design.

Puff inks are available in any Pantone color in the system
matching colors of permanent guides. If you don't have a Pantone color chart,
we can match the colors of your design to the expected effect.

Features of Puff Efect Printing:

  • Unique print appearance
    The print attracts attention, it is soft to the touch
  • An alternative to embroidery
    It is much cheaper compared to embroidery
  • Durability
    Prints are durable, can be washed many times without harming the image.
  • Color
    As with ordinary screen printing, you can use full colors of paints