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Screen Printing Transfer

Posted by Leszek 15/09/2015 2 Commebts

This is an indirect method of printing, silk screen printing is done on paper or film transfer. After the last color of the glue in the form of liquid or powder, and the whole is soaked in the heating tunnel. After this operation, printing can be transferred to the target substrate (T-shirt, cap, etc) on the transfer press the correct pressure and the right temperature

Digital Transfer stands an excellent smoothness, very good fine detail and perfect mating, above all its advantage is that it can be made in hard to reach places. We also Thermos-transfer for self-pressing. Advantages of Thermal Transfer high accuracy in mapping printing, the ability to print very small parts, even a few millimeters, no effect on the quality of the printing substrate, lack of discoloration caused by the printing substrate reactivity, the diversity of substrates - cotton, jute, cotton, felt, fleece, and plastics, high durability and flexibility of printing